Star Valley Dog Walking is able to provide a variety of Pet Sitting Services customized to your pet’s needs. All of our pet care services are provided in the pet owners home. This reduces stress put on the pet by allowing them to remain in their own environment and maintain their daily routine.

Initial Consultation

  • Meet & Greet- Free

During our first meeting Meghan will conduct an in-depth interview about how we can best care for your pet, leaving you feeling fully assured that your furry friends will receive the highest level of care.

Dog Walking  & Potty Breaks

Great for the family on the go! Providing anything from a quick potty break to an adventure in the mountains.

Is your dog cooped up inside while you play or work? Maybe long commutes and cold short days limit your dog’s exercise time. Dog walking can improve your pet’s health, provide stimulation, improve behavior, and saves you time.

Call to set up a 20 minute walk around the block or a 1 hour adventure in the forest.

Vacation Pet Sitting

Pet sitting visits when the master’s away. Drop-in visits in the morning and evening are an alternative to dog boarding so your fur children can stay in their own home. Visits can include feeding, walking, cleaning the litter box, playtime, or administering medications. Basic household maintenance tasks, such as curbing trash receptacles, watering plants & bringing in mail. Feeding schedules are maintained and playtime is always included!

Combine morning and evening visits with an afternoon walk and your pet will be taken care of all day. Why bring them to a kennel when they can sleep in their bed at night?


$16* for 20 minutes

$22* for 1 hour   

*Prices change based on the number of pets, driving distance, and length.

Poo Pickup

  • 30 Minutes: $25

Emergency Services

You never know when an emergency situation will arise & I am happy to provide peace of mind that your pets are taken care of.

  • Family Emergencies
  • Baby Delivery/Hospitalization
  • Road Closures

All clients receive ICE Cards (In Case of Emergency) to carry with them. These cards notify emergency personnel that in addition to family to also contact me as your pet sitter to go care for your pets should you become incapacitated in anyway.

The only prerequisite for providing these services is we must already have a key or access code to the home, and we must have previously met your pets.

Pricing: Depends on the type of service

Additional Policies

  • Pets will never be transported by car, unless for pre-approved field trips, or emergency vet visits.
  • Only food provided by the owner will be given to pets.
  • Dogs will always be walked with a leash, unless pre-approved with consent from the owner.

Service Agreement
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